The curatorship of art pieces is the main 

mission for this antiques shop. 

Quality and Period are major words on a 

digital Time where everything is at a distance

of a clic: really good pieces but also pieces 

that just look good and are everything but it.

The provenance of art objects was always a

relevant apect but now, more than ever, is 

a key aspect to assure a safe purchase. 


With an ecletic and updated choice this 

brand defines itself by integrating different 

times and periods in the same space. The 

Lisbon Shop is a living proof of this statment

where both past and recent past mix, taking

the most out of each other. 


Customer oriented, this team is ready to look 

for the proper piece of art for a certain space 

or project. The exclusive and dedicated service 

is a standard for each and any customer. 


It is ok to be confused so if there is the need 

to try the selected piece at home, Miguel Arruda 

Antiques has that service available, whenever

possible, to all clients that show interest.

The piece will be deleverd and placed without

any obligation or extra fee for the customer.


Buy quality art pieces in a safe and comfortable way. 

We are at the distance of the "good" clic. 

Rua de São Bento, n.º 356   ·  1200 - 822 Lisboa  ·  PORTUGAL  ·  T. (+351) 917 200 210 | (+351) 914 650 165  |  F. (+351) 21 396 11 65  |
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