The Portuguese Antique Dealers' Association, whose activity is governed by the motto "Quality, Authenticity and Confidence", was created in 1990. Its membership includes 57 of Portugal's leading dealers in all types of antiques.


The APA has already held ten Exhibitions at Cordoaria Nacional building in Lisbon and will hold its 11TH in April 2013. A member of CINOA since 1996, the APA, whose governing body members have two-year terms of office, is an association which works with collectors, museums, foundations and institutions whose goal is to defend movable cultural heritage.




CINOA: Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art, non-profit international federation of dealer associations


Represents 5000 dealers from 32 associations in 22 countries. Dealers cover a wide array of specialties from antiquities to contemporary art. 

Membership of CINOA is based on associations which bind their dealer members to adhere to reputable standards of quality, expertise and integrity.

CINOA mission is to:


- Advocate for art & antique dealers
- Protect national heritages

- Eliminate traffic of stolen art & antiques
- Support artistic development, education and research
- Promote private and public collections

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